Text Messaging Service

Who’s Next has a fully integrated Text Messaging Service that allows students to receive text messages via their cell phone.  Our software sends out your text messages using our corporate web server.  This means that your IT does not have to purchase or manage any additional hardware; our servers take care of it all.

When a student signs in, they get the option to enter their cell phone number.  Once they do that then they will receive an auto generated Welcome text message.  These messages are fully customizable for each department using the Text Messaging Service.

Summon Students via Text Message

When a student is nearing the front of a line, Who's Next has a summon feature that will send a pre-generated text message to the student.  This message is fully customizable for each department.


You could say things like "You are next in line.  Start making your way to the front lobby." or "Your name will be called soon.  Please be sure to bring your drivers license with you."

Types of Autogenerated Text Messages

Who’s Next has an Auto Text Message feature that automatically sends predefined text messages to students that opted-in during the sign-in process.  You can maintain your current department’s messages by going to Edit > Auto Text Message Maintenance… 


Here's a listing of messages that can be auto generated and sent out to students.

  • Help Message: The student will receive this help message when they reply by sending a letter “H” or “Help”. 


  • Leave Queue Message: The student can remove themselves from your queue by texting back “L” or “Leave”.


  • Request More Time Message: The student can move themselves down the queue by texting back “M”.  The system will add ten (10) minutes to their sign-in time. 


  • More Time Limit Reached: Each department can be configured to limit how many times a student can request more time.  Once this limit is reached, the system will automatically send out this message.


  • Status Message: The student can find out where they are in the queue, and their estimated wait time, by texting back “S”. 


  • Summon Message: This message will automatically go out when your staff clicks the Summon button.


  • Welcome Message: This message will automatically go out when the student successfully signs into your department and enters their cell phone number.


  • Within Specified Wait Time Message: The student will receive this message when their estimated wait time falls within a certain time limit.  

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