Student Import Wizards


Because we are 3rd party vendor, most IT departments are hesitant to allow Who's Next to have direct access to your student data in your master data systems.  So as a workaround we have built import wizards that can import your data.  We have both a Manual Import Wizard as well as an Auto-Import Wizard.

Manual Import Wizard
Manual Student Import Wizard

Our Student Import Wizard is a sophisticated import process that allows you to manually import your currently enrolled students into the database.  Importing your students once or twice a semester will ensure that you will have most of your students in the system.


Our wizard can import these fields into the database:

  • Student's First and Last Name

  • Student ID

  • Email Address

  • Alias

  • Gender

  • Birthday

  • Street Address

  • City

  • State

  • Zip Code

  • County

  • Home Phone

  • Work Phone

  • Classification

  • Degree Type

  • Subject Major

Import File Types
File Types

Our import wizards are designed to read data from any Comma Separated Value (CSV) or Text file. The data can be in any order, just so long as the field order is consistent.  If you choose to use a Text file, the data can be delimited by any special character (i.e. comma, semi-colon, etc).

Auto-Import Wizard
Auto-Import Wizard

Our Auto-Import Wizard is built as a Microsoft Windows Service that is installed on one of your campus servers. The software is configured to watch a particular directory on the server for incoming student data files (CSV or TXT). Once a data file is found, our software will automatically read the data and import it into the database.


After the data is imported our service will delete the import file from the server and continue to watch for another file.

Request the Auto-Import Wizard

Although our Auto-Import Wizard is free of charge, it does require some customization on our end.  If you would like to start using our Auto-Import Wizard please contact us at 1.866.317.0256 or email us at

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