Student Sign-In Station


The Student Sign-In Station component is built to allow students to sign themselves into your lobby.  All they have to do is enter their Student ID number and select who they want to speak with and their reason for visit.

Easy to Use Interface
Easy to Use Interface

We've programmed our Sign-In Station to be "self serve", meaning students don't need any special kind of instructions or training.  They simple walk up to this terminal, click the "Student Sign In" button and enter their ID number.

Entering a Student ID
Select an Advisor (with Picture)
Select an Advisor

Whenever an advisor logs into Who's Next from their computer, they are telling the software that they are ready to see students.


When a student signs in, our software shows all of the advisors that are currently available to see students.  The student can then select which person they want to speak with.  


Note: please note that this feature can be turned off if necessary.

Student's Reason for Visit
Reason for Visit

The student also has the ability to select why they are visiting your department.  You get to control which services the student sees during the sign in process. 


Note: please note that this feature can be turned off as well.

Student without an ID
Student Without an ID

Our software requires that each student has their own unique identification number.  If a student does not know their ID number, or does not have one, then the system can prompt the student for their First Name, Last Name and Date of Birth.  Our software will then build them a temporary ID number based on their initials and DOB.


So for example: if a student enters "John Smith" and "03/12/1980" then their temporary ID number will be "JS03121980".  This way if the student signs in again and they still don't have an ID number, they are more likely to enter this same exact information.

No Additional Charge

The Sign-In Station component comes free with the purchase of our software.  It also does not take up a user license.  For more information regarding this component please call 1.866.317.0256 or email us at

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