Real-Time Reporting


Our Reports Library is made up of 50+ reports that can be executed whenever you want.  These reports appear in several categories: Visit Reports, Service Reports, Calendar Reports, Customized Reports and then All Reports.

List of Reports
Reports Library

When the user clicks on one of the report categories, the list of Available Reports will refresh to only show the reports in that category.

Report Filters
Report Filters

Selecting a report will automatically enable/disable the report filters on the right side of the window.


The Departments dropdown list says All Departments.  When a user selects a specific department from this list, the software will refresh the data found in the Service Groups, Service Name, and User Name lists based on the selected department.  This will then allow the user to filter the reports by selecting additional criteria.

Reports Viewer
Reports Viewer

When a report is executed, the report will be displayed in our Report Viewer window.  This powerful window allows you to perform actions like printing or saving the report, exporting the raw data or even adding charts.

List of Reports

Here are just some of the 65+ reports that come pre-built within Who's Next.  They are each categorized as Student Visit ReportsServices Reports or Calendar Reports.

Student Visits Reports

  • All Visits with Notes

  • All Visits with Notes and Services

  • Contact Information for Students Seen

  • Detailed Sessions Report by Counselor

  • Detailed Sessions Report by Counselor with Services

  • Detailed Sessions Report by Student

  • Detailed Sessions Report by Student and Services

  • Students Currently Logged In

  • Student’s Visit History

  • Total Visits by Counselor

  • Total Visits by Counselor and Date

  • Total Visits by Day of the Week

  • Total Visits by Department

  • Total Visits by Hour

  • Total Visits by Month

  • Total Visits by Week

  • Total Visits by Student

  • Total Visits by Year

Services Reports

  • Detailed Services Report

  • Students Given to a Particular Student

  • Students Given a Particular Service

  • Students Given a Particular Service (with Contact Info)

  • Total Services Given

  • Total Services Given by Counselor

  • Total Services Given by Counselor and Elapsed Time

  • Total Services Given by Hour

  • Total Services Given by Day of Week and Hour

Calendar Reports

  • Calendar Appointments by Counselor

  • Calendar Appointment Totals by Counselor

  • Detailed Calendar Appointments by Counselor

  • Cancelled Appointments 

  • No Show Appointments

Embedding Charts

Some of the reports within Who’s Next are designed to have charts embedded withinin them.  Clicking either the Bar, Pie or Line buttons on the toolbar will embed a  colorful chart at the bottom of the report.

Embedded Charts

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