Advisor/Receptionist Component


The main component for Who's Next is called the Advisor/Receptionist component.  This component is used by advisors, counselors, staff and workstudy students to manage your lobby and to sign students in & out.  This component is broken into 3 different windows: the Switchboard, Student Lobby and My In-Box windows.

Advisor Switchboard

The Advisor Switchboard window shows all of the departments you have access to and every person logged into that department.  This helps your staff see exactly who is here and what their availability is.


  • Green folders mean the person is ready to see a student.

  • Yellow folders mean the person is currently with a student.

  • Red folders mean the person is unavailable.

  • Purple folders mean the person is logged in as a receptionist.

Student Lobby
Student Lobby



The Student Lobby window shows all of the students waiting to be seen.  It lists the student's name, their Student ID number, the exact date & time he signed in, who they want to speak with and their reason for visit.


The reason why we call our software Who's Next is because the students listed in the lobby are always sorted by the time they signed in.  So now you'll always know who came in first and who's next.

My In-Box
My In-Box



The My In-Box window shows all the students whom you are currently visiting with.  When you are ready to see a student, simply drag-and-drop the student from the Student Lobby window into your inbox.  This will automatically change your folder color from Green to Yellow, informing everyone in your department that you are working with a student.

Saving a Student's Visit
Saving a Student's Visit



When you are finished helping a student, simply double-click on the student's name to sign the student out.  Our software will prompt you to check every service that you gave a student during their visit.  You can check off as many services as you need to.


With Who's Next every department gets their own list of services.  So whether you sign into Advising, Financial Aid, or Testing, your list of services will change depending on your department.

Visit Notes
Visit Notes



While signing out students you also have the option to enter electronic notes for each visit.  Who's Next gives you the option of entering Private or Public notes.


  • Private notes are notes that you want to keep confidential.  No one through our software will be able to read your private notes except for the person that typed them in.

  • Public notes are notes that every other person in your department will be able to read.  


So as an example, let's say you spoke to John Smith and your entered in some private and public notes.  Within our software everyone in your department will be able to read what you said in the public notes section, but you are the only person that can read your private notes section.

Sample Report
Software Licensing

Our software is licensed on a per-user basis, meaning that for every advisor, counselor or staff that will log in using their unique username and password, they will each require a license.  Our software is not licensed by workstation or by student.


We charge a one-time fee for our licenses.  Once you purchase a license it is considered "perpetual", meaning that it will always be yours.  For more information regarding this component or our licensing please call 1.866.317.0256 or email us at

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