Software Components


Our Who's Next software is broken down into 3 different components.  We have the Advisor/Receptionist component, the Student Sign-In Station and the Lobby Display.  All 3 components are designed to work interchangeably with each other.

Advisor/Receptionist Component
Advisor/Receptionist Component

The Advisor/Receptionist component is used by advisors, counselors, staff and workstudy students.  This component is designed to perform many key functions including:

  • Sign students into your lobby
  • Save a student's visit
  • Drag students to your inbox
  • Manage your department's lobby
  • Manage user accounts
  • See which staff are available

  • Send instant messages

  • Manage your calendar

  • Maintain user accounts

  • Run Reports

Student Sign-In Station
Student Sign-In Station

The Student Sign-In Station has been built as a kiosk that allows students to signs themselves in.  All they have to do is enter their Student ID and the software can prompt them to select who to speak with and their reason for visit.

Lobby Display
Lobby Display

The Lobby Display component is designed to project the students waiting onto a TV monitor.  This way students can see exactly where they are in line.

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