About Us

Back in January of 2001, a small advising department at San Antonio College asked us to build a program that would track their students electronically.  At that time they were having students sign in using paper and pencil.  It was getting increasingly difficult to compile the data for their reports.


We spent about 3 months writing a prototype for them.  This program worked so well for them that it was later pushed out to the other Student Services areas including Advising, Career Access Planning and Job Placement. Once these areas were using our software, it  was later pushed out to the other campuses within the Alamo Community College district.


In 2002 we incorporated ourselves as Blue Eon Solutions, LLC, changed the name of our software to Who's Next and then started marketing it to other colleges and universities.  Today we have over 80 campuses using our software here in the United States and overseas.


Our main office is located at:

Blue Eon Solutions, LLC

4007 McCullough Ave, Suite #458

San Antonio, TX 78212



Contact Numbers

Toll free: 1-866-317-0256

Fax: 210-680-3699

Support: Support@BlueEonSolutions.com