The Premier System for Tracking Students & Services

Find out why Who's Next has been the premier software program used to track students for over a decade!  


Whether you want to better track your students for one department, or if you're part of a One-Stop area with multiple lobbies, Who's Next can help manage your intake of students and record their visits.

Cloud Hosting
Cloud Hosting

Cloud Hosting

Our new Cloud Hosting package allows you to host your data on our servers.  This allows you to reduce spending on expensive hardware and infrastructure.

Software Components

Who's Next has been built into various components that work together seamlessly. Click here for an overview of these components.

Text Messaging Component

Text Messaging

Our new Texting Messaging feature allows you to send text messages to students when they are ready to be seen.  Click here to read about this exciting new feature.

Since 2001 our software has been the premier solution used by colleges and universities to track their students and advisement services.  Never before has it been this easy to record your student's reason for visit, how long the session took, who spoke to them, and how long they waited to be seen.  


Coupled with our Student Sign-In Station and Lobby Display components, Who's Next has virtually everything you need to begin tracking your students easily and accurately.

The Right Solution for All Your Needs


Student Sign-In Station

Lobby Display